UEFA Nations League - how would look it now?

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UEFA Nations League - how would look it now?

Post by Admin on Fri 28 Mar 2014 - 11:29

If Nations League would be played now (and based on National Ranking UEFA 2013), then example of groups is...:


Group A: Germany, England, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group B: Italy, Greece, Croatia
Group C: Netherlands, Portugal, France
Group D: Spain, Russia, Ukraine


Group A: Belgium, Czech Republic, Israel
Group B: Denmark, Hungary, Norway
Group C: Sweden, Ireland, Slovenia
Group D: Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey


Group A: Austria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Belarus
Group B: Poland, Finland, Estonia, Iceland
Group C: Romania, Montenegro, Latvia
Group D: Slovakia, Scotland, Wales


Group A: Albania, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Andorra
Group B: Lithuania, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Gibraltar
Group C: Moldova, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Malta
Group D: Northern Ireland, Makedonia, Luxembourg, San Marino

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